How To Earn Money From Toluna Surveys – The Toluna Surveys Success Guide! 2023

How To Earn Money From Toluna Surveys:

How To Earn Money From Toluna; Although surveys are Toluna’s most well-known feature, the website offers a plethora of additional opportunities for rewards. What they are and who the highest earners are are revealed by our review. Are you trying to find a method to work from home and make some extra money? One of the main players in the game is Toluna, and survey sites might hold the key to the solution. In addition to offering free registration, the website offers much more than just surveys. You can participate in games and tournaments to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. How To Earn Money From Toluna

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You will need to create a free Toluna account before we can proceed. How To Earn Money From Toluna

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How To Earn Money From Toluna
How To Earn Money From Toluna

What is Toluna and how does it work?

What Is Toluna
What Is Toluna

On the online community platform Toluna, there are regular surveys that you can do to earn incentives. How To Earn Money From Toluna

‘Toluna Influencers’ are users who respond to these surveys. The reason for the name “Toluna Influencers” is that big brands utilize the surveys you fill out to determine what they’re doing well, what they’re not doing well, and what they should be doing. How To Earn Money From Toluna

Points are used as payment to Toluna Influencers. These can then be exchanged for a variety of goods and services, such as gift cards, cash, or charitable contributions.

However, there are more ways to get prizes on Toluna besides surveys. By participating in tournaments, playing games, and socializing with the Toluna community, you can earn some additional treats. How To Earn Money From Toluna

How To Earn Money From Toluna

How much money can you make with Toluna?

Since how much you receive out of Toluna mostly depends on how much you put in, it’s difficult to pinpoint a precise figure for your potential earnings.

Having said that, it’s safe to conclude that surveys are the most popular and trustworthy way to get rewards on Toluna.

According to their FAQs, each one can pay anywhere from 15 to 50,000 points, depending on how long it is. However, we’ve discovered that the majority of the Toluna surveys that are accessible to us award between 2,000 and 4,000 points. How To Earn Money From Toluna

Based on the amount of points needed to purchase gift cards in different values, it appears that £1 is equivalent to roughly 5,500 points.

PayPal only accepts cashouts in installments of £35. You’ll need to purchase a gift card if you wish to redeem points for less than this.

If you choose to use any of the gift cards that are for stores that sell almost anything (Tesco and Amazon in particular), your gift card will be just as good as cash.

Furthermore, the Tesco and Amazon credits prove to be more advantageous than the £35 PayPal payout, taking into account the number of points needed to purchase gift vouchers of different values! How To Earn Money From Toluna

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What can you buy with Toluna points?

Retailer* Voucher value Cost (Toluna points) Toluna points per £
Amazon £5 27,000 5,400
Starbucks £5 27,000 5,400
ASDA £10 55,000 5,500
Costa £10 55,000 5,500
Currys £10 55,000 5,500
Iceland £10 55,000 5,500
Tesco £10 55,000 5,500
Waterstones £10 55,000 5,500
Morrisons £10 55,000 5,500
Amazon £20 107,000 5,350
Marks & Spencer £25 135,000 5,400
Tesco £25 135,000 5,400
PayPal** £35 190,000 5,429

** E-vouchers are used to redeem all credits

** paid into your PayPal account as credit.

For your points, Toluna also offers non-cash benefits. As of this writing, for instance, you could plant a tree in Ecuador, Thailand, or Uganda for 14,000 points. How To Earn Money From Toluna

6 ways to earn points on Toluna Surveys

These are the best ways to make money on Toluna:

1: Toluna surveys

As we mentioned earlier, the core of Toluna’s services is surveys. There are generally several surveys available for you to complete at any given time, and they’re the most profitable and dependable way to earn Toluna points. Brands upload the surveys, which cover a wide range of issues, and utilize the responses to inform their business. How To Earn Money From Toluna

Surveys on personal finance, shopping, movies, travel, sports, and a ton of other topics have been available. Each one has a list with the total number of points available and the estimated time of completion. There are two advantages to filling out Toluna surveys: the first is that you will receive rewards for doing more. Additionally, Toluna will send you more surveys the more you do them, and they will be more pertinent to you. How To Earn Money From Toluna

As a new Toluna Influencer, you will frequently discover that you are disqualified from the survey after answering a few screening questions (like “Do you have children?”) that establish if you meet their desired response profile. Eventually, Toluna will consider your answers and customize the future survey kinds they offer you based on your profile. How To Earn Money From Toluna

How much money can you make from Toluna surveys?

Most Toluna polls take five to twenty minutes and pay 2,000–4,000 points. However, on occasion, some pay significantly more than this, and some take much longer. It isn’t a big deal to get 5,500 Toluna points, which is about £1. This is especially true for surveys that pay little even after taking a long time. Thus, it should go without saying that you should always give shorter surveys with greater rewards priority.

Occasionally, the variations in points and duration may complicate this decision. But try not to worry. This may be easily calculated by dividing the total amount of points available by the estimated time Toluna claims it will take, yielding what we’ll refer to as the Points Per Minute (PPM).

Let’s use the two instances from the above image to illustrate this. You can earn up to 300 PPM by doing the 10-minute, 3,000-point General survey. In the meantime, the 20-minute Lifestyle survey earns 4,000 points, which translates to 200 PPM. The General survey is by far the most efficient use of your time!

You could even convert the PPM into an hourly wage if you really want to take things to the next level. To obtain the hourly points rate, simply multiply the PPM by 60 and divide the result by 5,500, which is roughly equivalent to £1 in Toluna points.

After calculating the comparable hourly wage for every survey that was accessible to us at the time of writing, we discovered that the average pay was roughly £2.50 per hour. Nevertheless, there were a few anomalies: one employee made nearly £5.50 per hour, while another only made £0.82.

These numbers, as one might expect, are well below the UK National Minimum Wage. However, we would advise sticking with the surveys that have the highest equivalent hourly rate rather than eliminating them all. How To Earn Money From Toluna

As an illustration, the General Survey shown in the above image pays the equivalent of £3.27 per hour. This is still less than the minimum wage for individuals who are at least eighteen (18), but it’s not a bad way to get some additional money. How To Earn Money From Toluna

How To Earn Money From Toluna

2: Complete your profile surveys

Once you select the ‘Account’ tab from the menu, the ‘Profile surveys’ section will appear. Not unexpectedly, these questionnaires aid in providing Toluna with a more comprehensive understanding of your personality and areas of interest.

There are a total of 13 profile surveys, each of which takes a few minutes to complete and pays up to 100 points.

Each survey can only be finished once. It’s advisable to do this as soon as you join up for Toluna since this should ensure that you only see surveys that are pertinent to you moving ahead.

Taking profile surveys is undoubtedly one of the greatest methods to start earning on Toluna, both in terms of the effort involved and the points available.

3: Vote in sponsored polls

Once more, navigate to the ‘Sponsored Polls’ button at the top of the screen to access a variety of straightforward multiple-choice polls.

This will take you to the community polls where you can earn points (typically 15 points each). It only takes a few seconds to finish each poll.

Just letting you know, though. We have previously observed sponsored surveys that offer no points at all.

Answering these won’t take much of your time, but it’s always good to be recognized for your efforts. Thus, make sure you quickly check the “Vote” button before proceeding because there won’t be any rewards for participating until it indicates a point value.

How To Earn Money From Toluna

4: Take part in a contest

Toluna runs monthly contests to encourage users to post more content in the community. In return, those who participate are often rewarded with some points and entered into a prize draw.

Take, for instance, their 2023 October contest. Toluna Influencers were asked to guess the object in a zoomed-in image.

Of those who took part, five were then chosen at random to receive up to 1,000 points each. Not bad for a quick game!

How To Earn Money From Toluna

5: Refer a friend to Toluna

At Save the Student, we adore a referral bonus. Toluna also has pleasant days

Give your friends your referral link, and you’ll receive 500 bonus points for each person who successfully signs up—up to 10 every month

Oh, and Toluna says they verify each recommendation to make sure it’s genuine, so think twice before trying to create some fictitious email accounts to refer yourself!

How To Earn Money From Toluna

6: Play Toluna’s games

Toluna also offers some entertaining mini-games that you may play under the ‘Games’ tab in the navigation bar. Certain games are available for a set period of time, while others are always there. Crucially, though, some can also help you gain points.

The Daily Toluna Wheel is the main way to win points, and all of the games can be played for free. If you spin the wheel and avoid landing on the dreadful “Better luck next time” location, you might win anything from 40 to 1,000 more points.

How To Earn Money From Toluna

It is obvious that using Toluna won’t make you a multimillionaire. However, if you’re prepared to work hard, you can earn a little additional money on the website.

Since there is no cost to sign up, you should do so and try it out to see whether it works for you.

Check out our list of the top product testing companies to up your survey game and start getting all the freebies you could possibly desire. How To Earn Money From Toluna

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