United Arab Emirates University Careers (45+ new Vacancies)

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United Arab Emirates University

United Arab Emirates University Careers (45+ new Vacancies)

List Of Opening Vacancies: United Arab Emirates University Careers

  1. Postdoctoral Fellow
  2. Research Assistant in Horticultural Plant Production
  3. Research Assistant (Water Resources)
  4. Post-Doctoral Researcher (Electrical Engineering)
  5. Research Assistant
  6. Research Assistant 
  7. Postdoctoral Fellow
  8. Associate Professor
  9. Associate Professor, Social Wellbeing
  10. Assistant Professor, Media and Creative Industries
  11. Assistant Professor in Livestock Production and Management
  12. Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  13. Postdoctoral Fellow in Plant Molecular Biology
  14. Postdoctoral Fellow, Biology
  15. Postdoctoral position in perovskite solar cells
  16. Research Associate
  17. Research Associate (Postdoc, Electrospinning) 
  18. Research Assistant: Circular Economy
  19. Research Assistant (Allocation of SUDS) 
  20. Research Associate (Chemical Disinfection)
  21. Research Associate 
  22. Services Assistant, Dean’s Office (CEDU)
  23. IT Helpdesk Specialist I, IT Help Desk Unit
  24. Senior Administrator, National Institute for Health Specialties
  25. Instructor, Arabic Language and Literature (CHSS)
  26. Instructor, Cognitive Sciences (CHSS)
  27. Associate Professor, Computer and Network Engineering (CIT)

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