Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Careers (57+ New Vacancies)

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Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Careers (57+ New Vacancies)

List Of Vacancies: Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Careers

  1. Supply Coordinator
  2. Nurse Administrator
  3. Cardiac Services
  4. Executive and VIP
  5. Staff Nurse, Surgical ICU
  6. Nurse Administrator
  7. Staff Nurse, Stroke Care
  8. Staff Nurse, Medical ICU
  9. Nurse Administrator
  10. Medical Specialties
  11. PMR, Radiology
  12. Nurse Administrator
  13. Oncology Services
  14. Float Pool Nurse
  15. Critical Care/Medical Surgical
  16. Clinical Resource Nurse
  17. Medical Surgical
  18. Staff Nurse, Cardiac ICU
  19. Staff Nurse, Oncology/Hematology
  20. Staff Nurse, Burns ICU (UAE Nationals)
  21. Gynecologist, Fetal Medicine, Female
  22. Clinical Resource Nurse, Pediatric
  23. Nurse Manager: Emergency
  24. Clinical Resource Nurse, Pediatric ICU
  25. Staff Nurse-Operating Room
  26. Medical Practitioner-Trauma
  27. Specialist Physician-Neurosurgery
  28. Specialist Physician-Dermatology
  29. Civil Engineer-Facilities Maintenance
  30. Specialist Physician-General Pediatrics
  31. Senior Charge Nurse/Unit Manager-Operating Room
  32. Staff Nurse-OPD-Cardiology Clinic
  33. Case Coordinator / Nurse-Case Management
  34. Senior Charge Nurse/Unit Manager-Emergency Room
  35. Specialist Physician-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  36. Staff Nurse-OPD-Cardiology Clinic
  37. Clinical Resource Nurse-Nursing Education (Medical-Surgical)
  38. Clinical Resource Nurse-Nursing Education (Operating Room)
  39. Clinical Resource Nurse-Nursing Education (Life Support)
  40. Charge Nurse-Tower B-10, Royal Suite
  41. Staff Nurse-Tower B4-Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
  42. Consultant, Physician-Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  43. Specialist Physician-Emergency
  44. Specialist Physician-Trauma
  45. Consultant Physician-Hematology and Oncology
  46. Consultant Physician-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  47. Consultant Physician-OBGyne Ward

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Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City Careers

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