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NMC Hosptial Careers – ( 213+ Vacancies)

NMC Hosptial

NMC Hosptial Careers ( 213+ Vacancies)

List of Opening Vacancies in NMC Hospital Careers:

  1. Customer Care Executive, UAEN (Dubai)

  2. Customer Care Executive (Abu Dhabi)

  3. Customer Care Executive (Abu Dhabi)

  4. Front Office Executive

  5. General Practitioner

  6. General Practitioner (Dubai)

  7. Medical and healthcare roles: 7. Medical Auditor (Dubai)

  8. Radiographer (Abu Dhabi)

  9. Specialist General Surgery (Abu Dhabi)

  10. Specialist Family Medicine (Dubai)

  11. Specialist Family Medicine (Ajman)

  12. Specialist Family Medicine (Sharjah)

  13. Radiography Technologist (Abu Dhabi)

  14. Specialist ENT (Abu Dhabi)

  15. Specialist Endocrinology (Dubai)

  16. Specialist General Surgery (Sharjah)

  17. Specialist Pediatric Gastroenterologist (Sharjah)

  18. Specialist Rheumatology (Abu Dhabi)

  19. Specialist Non-Interventional Cardiologist (Sharjah)

  20. Specialist Pulmonologist (Sharjah)

  21. Specialist Ophthalmologist (Sharjah)

  22. Specialist Prosthodontist (Sharjah)

  23. Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Sharjah)

  24. Specialist Endocrinologist (Sharjah)

  25. Pharmacist Roles: 25. Pharmacist, UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  26. Pharmacist: UAEN (Dubai)

  27. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  28. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  29. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  30. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  31. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  32. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  33. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  34. Pharmacist: UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  35. Administrative and management roles: 35. Approval Officer (Dubai)

  36. Patient Happiness Executive, UAEN (Abu Dhabi)

  37. Senior Executive, Human Resources (Abu Dhabi)

  38. Business Development Manager (Abu Dhabi)

  39. Regional Senior Manager, Patient Safety and Quality (Abu Dhabi)

  40. Senior Manager Patient Safety and Quality- Service Lines (Abu Dhabi)

  41. General Manager (Sharjah)

  42. Nursing and Education Roles

  43. Nurse Educator (Abu Dhabi)

NMC Hosptial Careers

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NMC Hosptial Careers

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