Green Crescent Hospital Careers (23+ New Vacancies)

Green Crescent Hospital

Green Crescent Hospital Careers (23+ New Vacancies)

List of Vacancies in Green Crescent Hospital Careers:

  1. Emergency Medicine (Senior Registrar)
  2. Intensive Care Medicine (Consultant)
  3. Orthopedic Surgery (Consultant)
  4. Ophthalmology (Consultant)
  5. Bariatric Surgery (Consultant, Senior Registrar)
  6. Cosmetic Surgery (Consultant, Senior Registrar)
  7. Neurology (Senior Registrar)
  8. Vascular Surgery (Senior Registrar)
  9. Psychiatry (Senior Registrar)
  10. Otorhinolaryngology (Registrar – Resident)
  11. Dermatology (Registrar – Resident)
  12. Anesthesiology (Registrar)
  13. Cardiology (Consultant)
  14. Maxillo-facial Surgery (Senior Registrar)
  15. Pulmonology (Registrar – Resident)
  16. Andrology (Senior Registrar)


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