ENGIE Careers (436+ New Vacancies)


ENGIE Careers (436+ New Vacancies)

List of Opening Vacancies in ENGIE Careers:

  1. Experienced Recruitment Officer (M/F)
  2. Plumber Heating Engineer (M/F)
  3. Intern Boilers/Pumps
  4. Technical Project Manager, Low Carbon Hydroge
  5. Project Manager Power Systems
  6. Technical Project Manager, Low Carbon Hydrogen EU (M/F/X)
  7. Service Agent (M/F)
  8. Gas Maintenance Technician (M/F) 
  9. Team Leader (M/F)
  10. Central Operator
  11. Head of Customer Experience
  12. Project Lawyer (M/F) 
  13. HVAC Operations Technician (M/F)
  14. Contracts Manager (M/F)
  15. Industrial and BMS Automation Engineer (M/F)
  16. Energy Purchasing Engineer (M/F)
  17. Electrical Shift Technician (M/F)
  18. Operations Team Leader (M/F) 
  19. Development Projects Manager in Multi-Renewable Energy (M/F)
  20. Functional IT Finance Intern 
  21. Junior Business Analyst: Market Processes
  22. Operational IT Controller (M/F)
  23. Plumbing and Heating Technician
  24. Sales Associate
  25. Operational IT Controller (M/F)
  26. Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Technician II
  27. Legal Counsel
  28. Senior Accountant
  29. Project Management Advisor
  30. Project Manager R&D Renewables (F/M)
  31. Real Estate Attorney
  32. Gas Origination: Intern
  33. Groundskeeper: Five Wells Solar Project
  34. CHP and energy efficiency solution expert
  36. FM Project Manager
  37. Financial and Management Accounting Officer (H/F/X)
  38. Financial and Management Accounting Officer (M/V/X)
  39. Business Development Manager, Senior
  40. Senior Business Development Manager
  41. Market Research Analyst II
  42. Engineer I
  43. Intern: Capital Projects

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ENGIE Careers

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