Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Careers (130+ New Vacancies)

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Careers (130+ New Vacancies)

List of Vacancies in Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Careers:

  1. Vascular Surgeon Interventional Consultant
  2. Urology Consultant
  3. Tile Setter
  4. Staff NurseĀ 
  5. Rheumatology Consultant
  6. Radiology Senior Specialist
  7. Psychiatry Consultant
  8. Plastic Surgery Consultant
  9. Plastic Surgery Consultant
  10. Planning Engineer
  11. PICU Pediatrics (Consultant/Specialist)
  12. Pediatrics (Consultant/Senior Specialist)
  13. Painter
  14. Orthopedic Surgery (Consultant/Senior Specialist)
  15. OptometristĀ 
  16. Ophthalmology Consultant
  17. Office Manager
  18. OBGYN (Senior Specialist)
  19. NICU (Consultant/Senior Specialist)
  20. Neurosurgeon Consultant
  21. Neurology Consultant
  22. Nephrology Consultant
  23. Microbiology/Virology Consultant

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